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Innovative career plan

Convident has realised an extensive web environment for Kansrijk Beroep on behalf of the Municipality of Groningen. Kansrijk Beroep offers a platform to people in the province of Groningen or North Drenthe who are on benefits and would like to get started in life. These people are willing to take a new career path through training. What started as a simple website with only an application form has been expanded to a custom website environment after a very successful launch (within a day the municipality was inundated with applications)!

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“Convidenthas developed a scalable web environment that we are proud of”


From profession to Kansrijk Opleidingen

The professions on this site offer candidates a long-term job opportunity. With the many registrations, in most cases it offers an opportunity to receive training. Soon after the successful first launch of the campaign, Convident went back to the drawing board together with Kansrijk Beroep. Just showing an online application module was no longer sufficient, the environment must therefore be expanded due to the growing demand from the target group. From wireframe sketching and a graphics phase, we started building a new custom template website. We have created a broad site structure and built in a custom management module. Candidates can set their own filters to arrive at a desired selection request. The web environment of Kansrijk Beroep has been developed in open source, based on WordPress CMS.

It was clear from the start that the environment should be built in a modular way, in order to be able to scale up to the growing demand. For example, after the successful launch of the custom management module again, the question arose to build in a Kansrijk Training (Promising Training) module, see kansrijkberoep.nl/opleidingen. A Funda like list and a map view of professions with selection categories, built with Vue js. Convident’s online marketers are now also busy with search engine optimisation and social media campaigns.

The portal developed by Convident is fully focused on the future, in which limitless options for applying functionalities, selection menus and custom modules are central. A continuous and valuable collaboration that both parties are proud of!


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