Pean Sailing School

Education on the water

Pean is a sailing school in Friesland where you can learn to sail well and have fun on the water! The group accommodation can accommodate groups of 15 to 130 people all year round. Because of its location in the middle of the countryside and on open waterways it is the ideal starting point for your boat trip with a longboat or a valk (type of sailingboat).  for an optimal experience and education on water. Convident has been commissioned to build a web environment in which all Pean business units, from the sailing school to the accommodation, come into their own. For this we have developed a custom template in WordPress CMS. From wireframes, web designs, website realisation (multi language) to further development. A collaboration that both parties are happy to build on!

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“We really like the clear approach”


The power of preliminary research

Pean’s experiences and thorough research showed that their previous websites were not user-friendly for visitors. Convident has experience in developing websites for parties that, like Pean, have multiple business units. By developing an overarching user-friendly website, where all business units come back in an appropriate manner and are referred, the perfect solution is offered.

As mentioned, Pean has several industries, including the sailing school, accommodation, boat rentals and company outings. As a result, we used a multisite in the translation process, so that all elements come together from one powerful WordPress system. We have very pleasant and continuous contact with the owners of Pean. In addition to all website activities, our marketers also provide online marketing (SEO and SEA).

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