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Stimulating local entrepreneurship

Convident has developed a website for Tours and Safari in The Gambia with the aim of stimulating tourism and the local economy in the country. Kawsu Samateh is a local guide who knows a lot about the area and the terrain. He shares his knowledge, contributes to strengthening the economy in this small African country, and helps local entrepreneurs through knowledge transfer. He is always very enthusiastic about his job and you can tell he really enjoys his beautiful Gambia. Full of future plans and ambitions!

“I’m proud of the good work Convident did for me and local entrepreneurs in The Gambia”

Growth in the number of visitors

In addition to being a digital partner for Tours and Safari – The Gambia, the people of Convident also regularly think along with Kawsu about the approach of his company and stimulating entrepreneurship in The Gambia. Convident co-founder Rick Dreise paid a visit to the company a few years ago to contribute on the spot. Kawsu’s website provides a direct added value for visitors and customers from the Netherlands and Germany.

From design, web construction to management and maintenance. Convident is involved in every stage and also regularly updates the website, together with Tours and Safari – The Gambia. “We are proud to make a contribution. It is wonderful to use our knowledge and expertise for this. As a digital agency, we contribute with our own people, but also with many internationally oriented people from our environment, to the future of these entrepreneurs ”, says Rick Dreise of Convident.

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