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Convident supports top athlete Jop van der Laan. Jop is a very enthusiastic and fanatical athlete who wants to make his dream come true! He is a professional wheelchair rugby player for the Dutch team and wants to break through to the highest level. Convident helped Jop with his (online) presence, from logo and colour scheme to managing his own website.

“A website with which I can recruit new sponsors, which is cool”

To achieve something with a top sport

Since birth Jop has had a physical limitation in the form of cerebral palsy (CP). This means that he has increased, and sometimes uncontrolled, muscle tension, in his case especially in his legs and right arm. He is also hard of hearing. But that doesn’t stop him from exercising at an exceptionally high level! “Real tremendous drive and great perseverance. A very special project on all fronts. Because in addition to our support in terms of website and communications, Jop is a real source of inspiration for many top athletes ”, says Rick Dreise of Convident.

4 years ago it became clear that Jop has sports talent and became a regular player for the national wheelchair rugby team! “We are now preparing the qualifying tournament for promotion from Division C to Division B,” said Jop van der Laan. Wheelchair rugby is not yet part of the NOC/NSF organisation. This means that Jop and his family have to pay the travel and accommodation costs for foreign tournaments and for training in the Netherlands, themselves. Equipment (eg. rugby wheelchair and gloves) is also at his own expense.

NOC/NSF status is to be expected upon promotion to Division A. Jop is constantly looking for sponsors who will help him realise his dream.

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