5 ways to increase your website traffic yourself

The goal of a good quality website is often to bring in new business. To do this, your online presentation must match the experience that the potential customer has when they are talking to you. These are components that should be included during the web development process. Time for the next step – bring in visitors to your website! Here we describe 5 ways to help you increase the traffic to your website yourself.

1. Handling the content

A great way to get extra visitors is through search engines. These search engines regularly visit your website and scan the pages. Based on up to 200 points, they see which position your website will get in the results. The higher the position – the more visitors you get. Only the top 10 is interesting for you as a company and preferably the top 3. A clear strategy for search engine optimisation is therefore essential.

One of those 200 things the search engines look at is a clear and informative content. This consists of both text and images. Each page is viewed and gets its own position in the search engine. It is important to set your own goal for each page.


Flower shop Lelie has – in addition to the bouquets that are sold in the store – an extra service, namely making wedding bouquets. It is therefore important to describe this service separately on a separate page. A special page has therefore been created on http://www.bloemenwinkelvisser.nl/trouwboeketten that offers all information about this separate service.

The flower shop Lelie is asked from the market whether bouquets can also be delivered. This is an extra service that is being added, which means it is time for a new page. At http://www.bloemenwinkelvisser.nl/bloemen-bezorgen it is clearly described which options are available to have flowers delivered. This new page in the search engine will use a new keyword, which is an extra chance to get visitors to your website.

2. Link building: Your website’s relationships

In addition to content, search engines still look at 199 points. Another aspect of this is the number of relationships you have in your website portfolio. Concretely this means; how many websites have a link to your website. Sometimes it can be easy to obtain extra links to your website, for example the sports club you sponsor or a colleague company. But with this you will probably only get a few links. You can take quick steps by logging in to home pages or company indexes. Pay attention to this: too much is not accepted by the search engine. A few places where you can easily place your link:

  • Startpagina.nl. Submit your link to a home page about your topic. For the flower shop Lelie this can be: http://bloemisten.startpagina.nl/ .
  • Business directories. Easily add your company, often you can have a link placed here.
  • Colleague companies nearby. Ask colleagues to post a link to your website.
  • Suppliers. Ask suppliers to list your website as a point of sale.

3. Google Places: Are you on the map?

In the Netherlands, the most used search engine is that of Google. Google has had the largest market share for years and it is expected that this will remain so for a while. So when we speak of optimising for the search engine, we actually mean Google.

Google aims to offer the visitor the best possible result. When we search for a florist in Groningen, it is therefore easy that the results are visible on a map. Google Places provides the basic information about the company. As the owner of the business, you can claim the business. You get the option to add extra information such as your opening hours, images, short introduction and your website. This gives Google more information about your services, increasing the chance that you will be linked to the right searches.

As you can see in the image, Google displays the results very high in the results. A must for any business.

You can register for Google Places at the following link: http://www.google.nl/mijnbedrijf

4. Be social

Social media is indispensable in today’s society. With 9 million users in the Netherlands, Facebook is the largest social media platform you could focus on. Creating a business page is free and easy to set up yourself. You do need a Facebook account yourself. Social media is an excellent way to announce promotions and offers in a cheap way.

Try to interact with your customers on social media. Challenge them to respond or visit your website.


Error: “Floral arrangements delivered at wedding in Winsum”. This sentence does not challenge you to leave a comment. A better variant could be: “Beautiful flower arrangements placed at Ron and Kim’s wedding. What do you think?”.

5. Advertising: instant results

Advertising remains an opportunity to draw attention to your company or website. On the internet it is possible to place a banner on websites with many potential customers. For example, it may be interesting for Bloemenwinkel Lelie to rent a placement on http://www.trouwen.com/.

Another possibility is paid ads in Google. The positions in the search engine are usually disappointing at first, especially with new websites. A high ranking needs time and attention. If you want to be directly at the top, you can use Google’s advertising options. The costs depend on the number of clicks on your message. The cost per sale is important when running an ad on Google. Keep a close eye on how many visitors you need per sale and see whether the costs of advertising are in proportion to your margin.

Have you implemented all the above methods? But still not satisfied with the number of requests via your website? Together we look at a specific strategy for your organisation. We are always with your budget and goal in mind. 


Sander Kooi
Online Marketeer
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