7 Tips for a successful online campaign

Placing online advertisements has quickly become one of the most important ways of advertising. Due to this trend, the internet is overloaded with online advertisements and the competition on this platform is fierce. It is therefore increasingly difficult to stand out with your advertisement. Before you know it you are ‘lost in the crowd’. Do you work with Google ads, Facebook ads, content marketing or a combination of everything? Make sure your ad is successful so you don’t waste money!

In this article we provide the basics of a successful advertisement. Do you also want to get more return from your online advertisements and learn the basic steps for a successful advertisement? Convident gives 7 tips to start a successful online campaign.

7 tips for a successful campaign:

  1. Put yourself in the target group
    Your online campaign should be aimed at the target group you want to reach. It is therefore important that you know what appeals to your target group and how you can best attract their attention.

By placing a cookie on your website you can see who visits your website. For example, you can make sure that people who have previously looked at your website are again confronted with your brand by showing them an advertisement. Please take into account the new privacy legislation.

2. Let your USPs speak
Placing your own advertisement gives you the opportunity to make your unique characteristics clear to your target group and to offer an advantage over your competitor. With this you can convince your target group even better!

3. Where do you place your ad?
You have already determined who your target group is, but don’t forget to determine where your target group reads the ad online! Find out the favourite online place where your target audience reads articles and avoid placing your ad in places you’d rather not be associated with.

4. Ad format
How do you want the target group to see your ads? You can choose to work with pop-up banners. These scream for attention and therefore stand out. But it is also one of the biggest irritation factors among users of different devices. It is therefore smarter to work with smaller formats! Consider, for example, a banner that adapts to the size of your user’s screen.

5. Test your campaign
Before you place your ad online, it is useful to test your campaign. The message you want to convey may come across differently than you expected. So test your campaign with colleagues or friends!

6. Monitor your online advertisements
Ask your customer how they know you or how they found you. This may sound silly, but it can be extremely helpful! It is also interesting to find out whether you are reaching the right target group. In this way you can adjust your advertisements and use them even better, this prevents you from wasting money on excessive advertisements.

7. Maintain a good website
If your campaign succeeds in generating interest, there will be a good chance that your website will be looked at. It is therefore important that not only does your campaign look top notch, but the landing page of your website is just as important. Make sure your ad matches your website. After all, people who are interested in your advertisement will also have a certain expectation. When they click on the ad and end up on the landing page, it is important to live up to these expectations.

Need help with effectively deploying online campaigns?

Convident has a lot of experience with online advertisement and knows exactly how your advertisements can be best used to get more return from your online activities! This way you get more visitors to your website or webshop. Convident is open to answer all your questions and to give appropriate advice. Feel free to contact us or drop by for a cup of coffee!


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