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A webshop offers additional opportunities.


More and more webshops are being started, but there are still many webshops that can be improved. A webshop can be a part of your business that provides (extra) income, yet many companies miss opportunities here.


Do you have your own business and want to start selling online through a webshop? Then this might be the right first step. You want a webshop, but what does it cost? It can be for free. The further you get in the different steps to a better webshop, the more knowledge you need to have. After some time, you will come across more complex parts. For this you can use add-ons, these are additions that can be essential for your shop. Add-ons can make a customer visit to your webshop easier.

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Since 2008, there has been a handy plug-in for WordPress to create web shops, namely: WooCommerce. WooThemes is the company behind the WooCommerce plug-in. Over the years, WooCommerce has gotten better and better. A big advantage of WooCommerce is that it is lighter than the average Magento webshop. Because WooCommerce is simple, you also don’t have to invest a lot of time to understand everything. As a result, you can get started quickly. WooCommerce is therefore free to use. Do you want add-ons for your (WooCommerce) webshop? Then you have to pay a fee for this. An example of an add-on on WooCommerce is a product add-on. With this add-on you can allow visitors to add larger quantities of a certain product to their shopping cart. Seems very simple, but to build this correctly yourself takes time and requires expertise in the field of add-ons. So then an add-on is cheaper in the end.

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