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“Mission statement: To empower enterprises, organisations and governmental institutions to be excellent online from an independent platform.”

Our Core Values

At Convident, we have a rather casual organisational structure. With a spirited team of professionals and a portfolio of over 300 customers, we create new success stories on a daily basis. We do this for SMEs, large enterprises and governmental institutions nationally and internationally! We prefer clear communication, by implementing the correct (SCRUM) method per project and working method for realisation.

Convident has four core values. These are values ​​that clients, partners, employees and connections can expect from us.

  • Personable and accessible.
  • Collaboration through knowledge.
  • Trustworthy and goal-driven.
  • Societally involved.

Convident grows. We are always looking for new clients and strategic partners. Clients and partners that have the same core values as we have. You and Convident recognise that collaboration is based on trust, dedication and transparency.

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We develop user-friendly and traceable custom solutions for our clients through a logical step-by-step plan (sprints). Throughout the years, Convident has developed to become THE digital agency for advanced websites, the conversions of webshops and effective online marketing campaigns. 

Come by to get acquainted with us. Before you know it, we could be going through the following steps for your new website or webshop:

  • Strategy mapping (sprint 0);
  • Wireframing (sprint 1);
  • UX web designs (sprint 2);
  • Technical realisation (sprint 3);
  • Delivery (party);
  • Further development.
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“Vision statement: With a simple and performance-driven platform, we are building a world full of digital expertise, by making it accessible and adding real-time value.”

Orange symbolises:

  • Creativity, enthusiasm and creating something globally significant.
  • Confidence, energy, humour and enjoyment.
  • Complementary to blue.


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