Automatic collection

Do you want to pay effortlessly for your Convident hosting, maintenance or online marketing package on a yearly or monthly basis? Then choose for the ease of an automatic direct debit authorisation. By filling in the form below, you grant Convident B.V. a continuous SEPA mandate.

The Steps for Issuing a Digital Direct Debit Authorisation

  • Fill in the form below.
  • Select a bank.
  • The internet banking environment starts up.
  • Log in and select the bank account where the authorisation is issued.
  • All data has already been entered, verify these.
  • In case of agreement, agree.
  • A confirmation will follow within a few seconds.
  • Return to the login page.

Authorization for direct debit

Digital direct debit authorization form

(bijv: 1234AB)

Billing account

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