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Do you keep seeing these ‘Booking.yeah’ billboards during the European Championship 2024? Are you wondering what this stands for and how you ended up at instead of Then this article is just for you.

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The “Booking.yeah” ads are part of a campaign by, a well-known travel platform. This campaign has been relaunched in conjunction with the European Football Championship (EC). But why is there so little information about “Booking.yeah”?

Why don’t you end up on

It seems that turned on the campaign without capturing the target audience online. By properly matching your website to your campaign, you make sure that your visitors do end up where they are looking for. The same goes for online campaigns, such as organic findability (SEO), paid advertising (SEA) and social media advertising.

What is Booking.yeah?

“Booking.yeah” is a campaign originally launched in 2013. The “yeah” represents a cry of excitement uttered by a visitor after booking a holiday. The concept combines the experience of booking with with an expression of joy, resulting in “Booking.yeah”.

Good or bad ad?

You probably tried to look up “Booking.yeah” in your web browser, only to find that this website does not exist at all. You come across search results where some of which are many years old.

Not really relevant right?

The domain does not exist and does not redirect you to the main travel platform website. In our opinion, this is not how a campaign should be, after all, you want your online and offline campaigns to be seamlessly aligned.

What do you think? Is making a rookie mistake here? If we look at the online sentiment and increase in search behaviour on this booking giant, we see quite a rise in searches on search engines and social media. Either way, it has at least got you thinking.

Create an impactful campaign

Do you find the “Booking.yeah” campaign meaningless? Then we will help you with a campaign that does make an impact. A campaign that connects with your target audience that conveys a clear message. Convident helps organisations achieve online success.

Discuss your options?

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Is Booking.yeah a website?

No, Booking.yeah is not a real website. In fact, it is currently not possible to register a .yeah domain. The .yeah extension does not exist as an official Top-Level Domain (TLD) available for registration. TLDs such as .com, .net, and .org are the most common, and there are hundreds of other specific TLDs available, but .yeah is not one of them. The bright minds behind the slogan thought they might be able to revive an old campaign fairly easily but thus forgot to make the online preparation in the process.

Booking.yeah at the 2024 EURO

The European Football Championship will be watched by millions of people around the world. A prime opportunity for travel companies to reach an international audience. During the 2024 EC in Germany, you will therefore see numerous boarding advertisements from this campaign, complemented by television spots, to reach the general public. The aim is to highlight the travel agency’s services and inspire (potential) travellers to book their next holiday with the platform.


The original video of the ad has been removed, but this YouTube channel still shows the original ‘Booking.yeah’ video. Crazy right? Need to spar with us sometime? Get in touch with us.

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