Healthcare Organizations

Accessible, informative and very approachable. As a healthcare organization you want to give your online visitor the same feeling as in the offline world. Quite a challenge, because you have to take into account changing legislation, accessibility and privacy. Providing good information and easyily  getting in touch is what you want, but also in the right style.


As a digital agency, Convident has been able to support many healthcare organizations with their online presence. An industry that we know well, partly because of our own social goals.

  • Experience with healthcare communication;
  • User-friendly;
  • Accessibility and privacy are guaranteed.

Focus on the people

The healthcare sector focuses on people and this approach starts online. Accessible websites with clear communication where your client or patient is central. Convident has developed many websites in the healthcare domain and therefore we know well how this target group thinks.

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Despite our extensive experience, every organization, every goal, and every website is different. We therefore always start with an extensive introduction in which we jointly discuss what the right structure is for the website. For example, it can be useful to deploy top tasks or we can make a UX design perfectly suited to your target group.

Convident unburdens

Accessibility, speed, and privacy are essential for a healthcare website. Convident has the knowledge in all these areas to create an excellent website. In addition, our online marketers can help present the website in search engines or on social media.

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Social initiatives

Convident is more than a digital agency and is committed to social initiatives. We think this is so important that we have made it part of our core values. With the Convident foundation, we support and develop social initiatives. Every year we donate a part of our profits and ask our partners to join.

Our clients

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Projecten / Cases

We have been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients

BCM Ouderenzorg

BCM Ouderenzorg
Intranet Webapplication Website
BCM Ouderenzorg

UMCG – Centrum voor Tandheelkunde

UMCG – Centrum voor Tandheelkunde
UMCG – Centrum voor Tandheelkunde
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