Manufacturing industry and trade

You work every day to deliver the best possible product. How do you ensure that this quality is also visible online? A website-like informational portal to get in touch with potential buyers and partners, is the goal. But how do you make sure they find you?


At Convident we know the manufacturing industry and trade well. Our knowledge of this market, web development, and online marketing is the ideal combination for a successful website. We look beyond design, technology, and findability and combine these specializations as a digital agency.

  • Experienced web designers;
  • WordPress specialists;
  • Focus on findability.

Professional and search-engine-optimized

In the manufacturing industry and trade, having a professional and findable website is an essential part of the marketing strategy. Our experienced team knows how to make the right translation into an online presentation. We start with a good introduction, after which we have the information to design the new website. We look at appearance, user-friendliness but also findability. The result: a modern look completely in line with your corporate identity.

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Customized modules

We think along with you in automating ordering processes or facilitating quotation requests. Think of calculator modules, stock links, or online ordering options. Often these online solutions offer enormous time savings. We proactively think along and come up with initiatives. No challenge is too big for our experienced developers.

Convident takes care of everything

During the entire development process, we take into account the requirements of online marketing. Together we determine goals and use the right tools for this. This can consist of search engine optimization, paid advertising, or social media campaigns. We provide insightful reports and we discuss the results every month. We don’t just go for presence, but for return.

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