Brochure Convident 2025

He’s finally here! What started as an idea a few years ago has now grown into a successful business: really helping customers move forward and letting them excel on the web. We are proud to present the Convident 2025 Guide.

Our story

In a year where everything was different, we are extra happy to take you to our organization. We are determined that the future of your website, webshop and online marketing campaign lies with Convident. But before we look to the future, let’s take a step back.

In 2015, Rutger van de Griendt and Rick Dreise had a dream to really help customers move forward and let them excel online. A large dose of positive energy and perseverance had to make this dream come true. To give you an idea of ​​our journey, we start this brochure with an introduction about our organization, in which you can read what we as Convident do and what we stand for. We talk about our core values ​​and people. We provide insights into our mission and vision and outline a timeline from its foundation to now. Where will we be in 2025?

To paint a picture of this, we will discuss the following matters:

  • About Convident;
  • Mission and vision;
  • Services;
  • Customers;
  • Partners;
  • Social.

Brochure Convident 2025

Our future

We believe in growth and we do this together with happy customers, partners and employees. We emphasize the organizations we work with as the collaboration is an important condition for success. That is why Convident invests in sustainable relationships, because together we are stronger! Convident believes in co-creation and therefore wants to do everything it can to make our dreams come true.

We proudly close the guide with information about our social projects and our own Convident foundation. Convident is much more than a digital agency! Our social goals consist of quality education and partnerships, because we believe that these goals entail major social interests. In addition, we always hope to involve our valuable relations in our social goals.

On behalf of the Convident team, we wish you a lot of enjoyment while reading!

Convident 2025 Guide



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