Customized modules and connections

Saving time is what it’s all about. This through smart links or custom modules within your website. You want the technology to connect perfectly to your processes or systems that you already use?


At Convident, we look beyond the front end of a website. Where necessary, we think along with your business processes and develop custom modules or links that save time. Enrich your offers, get rid of manual administrations or retyping data.

What is possible with customization?

It often starts with a specific wish or process that cannot be processed in the existing CRM. This can be a small action such as reserving a time slot when renting a location or products. Other examples of custom addition is requesting information for a quote request. Sometimes a short text field is not enough and you need specific measurements to arrive at a targeted quote. Obtaining this information in advance makes a huge difference when putting together a proposal.

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When to create a link?

Managing your customers, products or stock is often not done on the website. It is only the channel through which you communicate with the customer. Still, you want to be able to make an up-to-date offer. A link to the existing system is one of the possibilities. This link can often work both ways. You can show availability on the website and requests can be processed directly in the ERP or CRM.

Can you link to anything?

In order to establish a link, we are dependent on the party we need to link with. They offer an API (Application Programming Interface). You can think of this as a kind of extra access to the system. If the system to be linked to offers a good API, it is often possible to write a link. Convident developers are, however, limited to the possibilities offered by the API. That is why it is important to test thoroughly before starting if all desired data transfers are possible.

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"Avoid errors by manually copying data"

What custom modules are possible?

The word says it all, with customization you look specifically at the requirements and realize this in customized software. The advantage of such software is that it matches 100% of the organization’s requirements. Of course, there is a development process involved.

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Examples of software realized by Convident are:

  • Digital psychological testing platform
  • Administrative system for dog school
  • Booking platform for tours
  • Booking platform for company outings
  • Management dashboard for members

Customization can also include a smaller functionality think of:

  • Product configurator in webshop
  • Calculation tool in quotation form
  • Closed section website for customers

Projects we are proud of

De Haan Special Equipment

De Haan Special Equipment
De Haan Special Equipment

Weldon Corlido Material Handling

Weldon Corlido Material Handling
Weldon Corlido Material Handling
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