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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

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AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is a way to build web pages with static content that load quickly.

What is AMP?

People who visit your website find it annoying when a webpage loads slowly. As a result, they also drop out early, causing you to lose potential customers. According to Google, there is a high chance that visitors will drop out when a mobile website takes more than 3 seconds to load. And that while the majority of mobile websites often take much longer. It is therefore interesting to optimize your Accelerated Mobile Pages, so that you no longer lose a single customer!

How do Accelerated Mobile Pages work?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative by Google that aims to improve the mobile web. Because Google wants to ensure that the mobile experience of the user is as good as possible. This is mainly an interesting project to invest in due to the increase in the use of mobile internet compared to desktops. That aside, there is often still more investment in optimizing a desktop website versus a mobile website, which does not match the usage.

To ensure that your webpage gets a faster loading time, the images and fonts need to be optimized. In addition, third-party files are best avoided if they could slow down the loading time. The loading time is therefore one of the main reasons why web pages have low traffic. It is therefore not only the reason why users leave your website. There is a good chance that users will no longer visit your website or webpage in general because of the slow loading time they have experienced.

What is the purpose of AMP?

The aim of the AMP project is therefore to “build the web of the future together”. The project does this by giving you the ability to create web pages and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful, and perform well across devices and platforms. AMP was developed in collaboration with thousands of developers, publishers, websites, distribution and technology companies.

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

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Haaer Verlofregistratie
Webapplication Website
Haaer Verlofregistratie

De Haan Special Equipment

De Haan Special Equipment
De Haan Special Equipment

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