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Acquisition means obtaining or gaining something new. 

What is an acquisition?

In the business world, acquisition means/happens when a company purchases most or all shares (stock) of a different company. Some benefits of acquisition are that the company expands its products or services, while also cutting down expenses. 

Acquisition marketing

The goal of this type of marketing is to acquire new customers, usually by promoting products to a new audience. A strategy for customer acquisition generally entails 1) attracting leads, 2) nurturing customers, 3) convert them into customers. This act is usually systematic, in order to ensure constant results. The cost of this strategy is called customer acquisition cost (CAC).  These steps are good to take, in order to help a company grow and prosper. 

Customer acquisition 

Customer acquisition is a way of getting potential customers for your company. It happens after the potential customer is already aware of your brand, motivating them to make a purchase. It is encouraged often by optimizing elements of customer service and other features, such as organic search. 

1. Organic search 

Organic search appears on the search engine result page (SERP).

In order to improve the results of this search and make your company more easily findable, SEO practices are the best option to optimize this. The higher the website shows in the SERP, the more clicks and visits it will get.

2. Paid search

Paid search marketing means advertising that is placed on search engines. This practice is also called pay-per-click or PPC, and can be used for example on Google Ads. 

3. Social media

Both organic and paid social media are a way to reach customers. Your page can either gain its own network, or a social media advertisement can be made, reaching a higher amount of customers.

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