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What is an Alt-tag?

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Alt-tag or alt texts are an HTML attribute of an image. Alt tags are text that describes the content of an image.

What is an alt tag?

Alt tags or alt texts are HTML attributes of an image. These consist of text that describes the content of an image. Search engines place great value on a relevant alt tag because they cannot read the image. In this way, it gives the search engine a summary of what the image is about. A good alt tag consists of short but descriptive text. In addition, the tag must be representative of the image in question. And finally, use one or two words from the title of your article.

Why is it important?

An alt tag is important for users who cannot study the content due to technical or visual limitations. Such a tag then makes it possible to make the information behind the image visible and/or audible. Because it helps search engines like Google understand the image, it is extremely valuable for your position in Google. The more specific and clear the description, the higher you rank in Google. An example of this is when you post an image of a lavender, for example. Then it is smart to put lavender instead of flower in the description.

It is important to keep in mind that search engines change their algorithm every now and then. They do this based on the needs of the visitor. It is therefore important to continuously optimize the descriptions.

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BCM Ouderenzorg
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BCM Ouderenzorg

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