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What is an Anchor link?

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An anchor link is a link that leads you to another part of the page or an external page. This directs the visitor directly to the information they are looking for. 

When do you use an anchor link?

You use an anchor link to quickly and easily refer the visitors of your website to a specific text on a page. It can be recognized by the (usually) blue text, also called the hyperlink, which you can click on. In this way, someone does not have to read through all the information and this person can go straight to the information that he or she finds interesting. Anchor links provide structure, more readable content and refer visitors to other relevant information. In addition, it also ensures that the page leads to a better position in the search results.

You can add an anchor link in several ways. You can add anchor links in HTML or WordPress.

Advantages of anchor link

They have a number of advantages for your website, namely:

  • You can use it as a table of contents;
  • Make long content more readable;
  • They are useful for sharing on social media;
  • You can send reader to the top of a page.

Disadvantages of anchor links

Unfortunately, there is a number of drawbacks. These disadvantages are as follows:

  • They can ensure that visitors do not read certain information;
  • It can lead to visitors staying on your website less long;
  • They do not work when you use 301 redirect;

Tips for good anchor links

How do you ensure good anchor links now ? Below you will find a number of tips.

  • Use as little text as possible between your main title and table of contents;
  • Use your anchor links as a table of contents and list them at the top of your page;
  • Do not place any text below the table of contents;
  • Make sure you have an anchor link at the bottom right of the page that allows your visitors to go back to the top of the page;
  • Make sure your headers and anchor links have the same text

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Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House

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