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What is an Article markup?

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Article markup is the optimization of web pages according to the standard. This allows you to enrich the information in search results.

What is an Article markup?

Article markup is used to optimize web pages according to the standard. Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! have developed this standard to improve the quality of results in search engines. Schema markup is a code that you place on the website. This ensures that the available information is made transparent for the web crawler and the search algorithm. The visitor to the web page will not notice anything of this.

Your webpage may qualify for various functions. This depends on how the page is coded. There are two options for this, namely an AMP web page with structured data and a non-AMP web page with structured data.

  • AMP structured data pages: These can be displayed in a carousel of stories in search results. These results may include images, page logos, and other interesting search results. Without structured data, AMP pages can only appear as standard blue links in Google search results;
  • Non AMP pages with structured data: These can help Google better understand the web page. Also, it can suggest better header, images and publish date to show in Google search results.


AMP web pages

We keep talking about AMP web pages, but what does this mean? AMP stands for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a project of Google. This makes pages load faster on mobile devices. By using such pages, you can rank higher in Google, even if the content is the same as on another page.

How do you tell if you’re dealing with an AMP webpage? When you view the results in Google, you will see a lightning bolt behind the URL that you can recognize. You only see this if you search on a mobile device, because it concerns the loading speed on mobile devices.

By using AMP web pages, your website is more user-friendly, because it leaves faster and people are less distracted. It also ensures that you rank higher in Google search results.

Article markup as an SEO method

With article markup more information is shown in the search results, increasing visibility. This can be seen as a method of search engine optimization, or SEO. The ranking in search engines is not affected by this, but it can indirectly play a role in search engine optimization. helps users to access the necessary content right away. This leads to them being more satisfied, which indirectly leads to higher positions in the search results. It is also important for Google Ads. Google requires that ads have a schema markup to ensure that the campaign works properly.

Projects / Cases

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Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten
Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten


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