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What is awareness – trial – repeat?

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Awareness – trial – repeat are three steps that a consumer must go through to be aware of a product or service.

What does awareness – trial – repeat mean?

Awareness, trial, repeat (abbreviated: ATR) is a method in which the consumer has to go through three steps. These steps ensure that the consumer is informed about a product or service, up to the point of purchase or active use.

The first step is awareness. In this step, the consumer becomes aware of a product, brand or service. The second step is trial. At this step, the consumer enters a test phase or even proceeds to purchase the product. The third step is repeat, where the consumer purchases the product again or extends the service because this person is satisfied with it. These three steps are all important. Without a good first impression, a customer will not proceed to the test phase. And without the test phase, a customer will not actually purchase the product or service and repeat it.

An example of ATR is a Spotify campaign. The campaign informs you about Spotify by means of a banner advertisement. Because Spotify offers a cheap trial subscription, you can get to know the streaming service in this way. After the trial period has expired, you will remain a member of Spotify because you think it is a good streaming service.

ATR is a method within marketing in which each step can be divided into segments. These segments are then applied within a marketing strategy. ATR is thus an important method for the marketing strategy.

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