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What is Backlink?

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Backlinks are part of link building. A backlink is a connection that is made from an external web page to your own web page.

What is a back link?

A backlink is the creation of a connection from an external web page to your own web page. The Internet has thousands of web pages that contain internal or external links to other web pages, but not every backlink posted is equally strong. Where do you actually place backlinks? Link building is part of search engine optimization and is concerned with this.

Why are backlinks important?

The purpose of placing a backlink can be different. A first way is to place a link for additional background information or to use as a source. In online marketing, posting a backlink is used for a purposeful commercial link. Entrepreneurs place links on external websites to refer to their own content. In this way, as an entrepreneur, you can easily refer the visitors of the external website to your website or webshop. In addition, (relevant) links provide a stronger link profile and Google will rank your website/webshop higher in the organic search results.

What do you pay attention to when placing a backlink?

There are several options for placement. You can place a link on an external platform. Here Convident’s online marketers always pay attention to several factors. For example, the authority, the spam score and relevance to your company of the external platform are examined. When these score correctly, the backlink will gain more value and result in a stronger link profile.

Where do you place a backlink?

Then there is the option to have your backlink placed on the homepage of an external website. This will rarely occur in practice. One can also place a link in the form of a blog on an external website. This way you can tailor your link to the topics discussed on the blog website. Finally, you can place your link on partner pages of external websites. These pages contain multiple backlinks from other websites. Backlinks in this form have less value, but they do build a stronger link profile.

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EVERWIN Netherlands

EVERWIN Netherlands
EVERWIN Netherlands

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