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What is a BERT update?

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A BERT update makes it easier to find the right information in search engines. The algorithm will assess the content more humanely.

What is the BERT update?

BERT is an abbreviation of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

BERT update helps Google better understand natural, human language and can therefore make better connections between words and word combinations. By means of this update, it is better looked into which context the searches should be placed. It is therefore important to optimize your content. You are no longer going to make it by only putting the important keywords in the text.

It can be concluded that the content is really important. Good content is also good for the authority of the website. The following elements are important here:

  • Structured layout;
  • Speak the language of your target group;
  • Search intensity determines your content;
  • Speed ​​of the website;
  • Correct link profile.


The BERT update has a number of consequences for SEO. A first consequence is that, according to Google, the BERT update has an impact of 1 in 10 searches. Second, the update mainly impacts complex and long searches. And finally, sloppy texts are now punished more severely. Optimizing your content is therefore becoming increasingly important.

As an SEO specialist, you do not necessarily have any influence on the BERT update. The only way to influence it is by writing quality content for your target audience. In this way, your content is increasingly recognized and you can achieve a relevant and higher position on searches faster.

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