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What are Brand Archetypes?

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Brand archetypes are made up of symbols and messaging of a brand by which it differentiates, or can be described. It can also be used to determine the personality of a brand.

What are brand archetypes?

There are 12 known brand archetypes used in marketing which were found by a psychiatrist Carl Jung, which are: the Explorer, the Outlaw, the Magician, the Hero, the Lover, the Jester, the Everyman, the Caregiver, the Ruler, the Creator, the Innocent and the Sage.

Description of 12 brand archetypes:

The Creator

The traits they are known for are: being Innovative, creative, expressive. The most frequented role they take is being an Individualist.

The Sage

They have some valuable traits such as wisdom, knowledge, empowerment. Their roles often happen to be learners, leaders, mentors. 

The Caregiver

The caregivers can be described by traits such as security, compassion, empathy. The roles they like to take on are caregivers, defenders, teachers.

The Innocent

Few traits that belong to The innocent are fun, honest, joyous. Their roles are most usually passing on joy, making good virtues, being simplists and optimists.

The Jester 

Few of their traits are: playful, light hearted, humorous. Their roles include: entertainer, uplifter, bringing people together. 

The Magician 

Their traits include uniqueness, imagination and charisma. Their roles can be describes as: visionary, providers, idealists 

The Ruler

Some of their traits are confidence, trustworthiness, purposefullness. They most often take a role as leaders, defenders, controllers.

The Hero

The most frequent traits you will see in them are inspiration, encouragement and challenging behaviour. They are known to take their role as a problem solver, achiever, hard worker. 

The Everyman

They are valuable for being relatable, approachable, unpretentious. As for their role they like being community creators, avoid inclusivity, staying low-key. 

The Rebel

The traits of The Rebel can be described as: Non-conformity, liberating, independent. The Rebels are proud about their role as risk takers and disruptors, loyalty builders, free thinkers.

The Explorer

The Explorers as individuals have traits such as: brave, adventurous, non-conforming. They like to work as explorers, individuals, seekers. 


The Lover

Usually they can appear as desirable, overbearing, consumed. In their roles, lovers like to be passionate, intimate, appealing.


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