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What is Click-to-conversion time?

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A click-to-conversion time is the time a visitor takes between clicking on the ad and placing a conversion.

What is click-to-conversion time?

A click to conversion time (c2c) is the time a visitor takes between the moment the visitor clicks on the ad and the moment the conversion takes place. We would prefer that a visitor also converts immediately after clicking, but unfortunately, that does not always happen. The longer a visitor takes to make a decision, the longer the c2c. By analyzing the average c2c, the marketing strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

How do you increase the c2c?

Do you want to increase your c2c? Then use the following tips:

  • Make sure you can click on something quickly and easily by going to the next page or by ordering something. The easier you can click, the faster people will perform this action.
  • Ensure as few process steps as possible. Do you have an online store? Then try to leave out too much unnecessary information and use as few steps as possible to complete the ordering process.
  • Make contact details clearly visible so that people can easily get in touch with you. You can do this, for example, by using a contact form.
  • Most customers come from search engines. So you have to ensure good SEO.
  • You can also improve your landing page. You can do this by performing an analysis and testing your page with, for example, ab testing.

Projects / Cases

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The Marne Heritage Recovery Foundation

The Marne Heritage Recovery Foundation
The Marne Heritage Recovery Foundation

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