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What is Clickbait?

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Clickbait is a link that grabs the user’s attention and entices them to click on it. This allows you to generate a lot of traffic.

What is click bait?

A clickbait attracts attention to ensure that users click on the relevant link, which then redirects to a web page. By using a stimulating text, it can ensure that more people click through to generate more traffic. It is often based on exaggerating claims or omitting important information.

Clickbait can be effective, but it is not always used fairly. Nowadays it does not always provide the information a user wants when clicking through and it can be seen as spam. It is therefore often seen as something negative. So make sure you have a good clickbait that keeps the promise and leads to a high-quality page.

To clarify clickbait, we’ll use an example:

“A summer body in just 5 steps!”

You already know that you don’t just get a summer body in 5 steps, but this title still triggers you to click on the link. You are curious which five steps will ensure that you are ready for summer. Yet this clickbait is misleading. You don’t just get a summer body in five steps. There are perhaps five exercises that can help, but you have to repeat these often.

Advantages and disadvantages

Clickbait has both advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore always wise to carefully weigh these against each other before you decide to use them.

The benefits:

  • An increase in page views;
  • Increase the potential;
  • More and diverse audience.

The disadvantages:

  • Negative effect on your SEO;
  • Generating the wrong kind of traffic;
  • Many people experience it as cheating.

Projects / Cases

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Joexe ticketservice
Joexe ticketservice

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