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What is Client side scripting?

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Client side scripting is a program that is downloaded, compiled and executed by the browser, rather than on the server.

What is client side scripting?

Client side scripting is a computer program on the internet that ensures that data can be sent back and forth. This is done by placing relatively small pieces of code on the user’s system. In this way, processes can be executed locally.

In web development, client side refers to everything in a web application that is displayed or takes place at the user’s side. This includes what the user sees, such as text and images, along with all the actions an application performs in the user’s browser. Markup languages ​​such as HTML are interpreted by the browser on the user side. Today, many developers incorporate processes into the application architecture on the user side rather than the server side. User-side processes are almost always written in JavaScript.

The user side is also called the frontend, although this term does not mean the same as client side. Frontend refers to the types of processes that run client side, while that only refers to the location where the processes are executed.

Scripting simply means executing scripts, such as JavaScript, on the user’s device. Because JavaScript is written universally, you can write out all scripts on it.

The difference with server side scripting

Server side scripting is that scripts run on the server instead of on the user’s browser. This is used to deliver dynamic content to web pages in response to the user’s actions, i.e. when the user requests it. In doing so, they produce the output in a format understandable to the web browser, which is then sent to the user’s computer. Scripts that are on the server do not have to be written in JavaScript, because the server can support several languages.

Projects / Cases

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Holland Tyre
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Holland Tyre

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Energie Neutraal Noord Nederland
Energie Neutraal Noord Nederland

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