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What is a consideration set?

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Consideration set is the selection of brands in the decision-making process for a purchase. The customer filters the wide range of products.

What is a consideration set?

Consideration set means that a customer will filter the range of products by brands. A customer often has a preference for a certain brand. Because of the wide range, the customer will filter the products according to his or her desires. This reduces the range of products and leads to only the filtered products being included in the purchase decision. All other products are therefore disregarded, regardless of the price and quality of these products.

To clarify the term consideration set, we will give an example. A customer is looking for new sneakers online. The range of sneakers is so large that the customer decides to start filtering. The customer has been wearing sneakers from the brands Nike, Adidas and Puma for years and is considering buying sneakers from these brands. Because these brands are preferred, the customer decides to filter the range of sneakers on these three brands. In this way, the offer is reduced and it is easier to find new sneakers that suit the customer.

Why is the consideration set important?

It is important for a brand to have a high position in the consideration set of potential consumers. If this is not the case, then the chance of purchasing your product/service is small. But how do you ensure that your brand gets a high position? This depends on two points, namely positioning and marketing communication.

The positioning ensures that your brand gives a convincing and unique value to your product or service. Think of the Unique Selling Points (USPs). Based on the USPs, it is important that you make them known through good marketing communication.

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