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What is Content?

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Content is seeing or hearing information on a website. This can be in the form of text, images, video and audio.

What is content?

It is any information you can see or hear on a website. It is important to optimize it to ensure the website. Quantity and quality are important factors here. It is important that it is used for the visitors of your website and not for the search engines. The website must contain information that the visitor is looking for. This will lead to visitors staying longer on your website and will make search engines, such as Google, appreciate your website more. A high rating ensures a high ranking in the organic search results.

In addition to providing information, it is also used for marketing. Content marketing involves using it to drive visitors into action. The ultimate goal is that the visitor becomes a customer. It is a long-term strategy where you ensure more and more visitors and leads to your website.

Content calendar

You come across content in various forms. You can think of blogs, where it is in a text form. Or think of a video, when it comes to the image and sound that you see/hear. You can share all your content, but it is good to do this with a clear plan. By working with this calendar, you have an overview of what you will be creating and sharing in the near future.

Using a content calendar can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Ensures that all content fits together properly;
  • More structure in your working method;
  • A clear plan increases the chance that this will be carried out.

A content calendar consists of a number of parts:

  • Type – Are you posting a blog, video or social media post?
  • Content – What is it about?
  • Date – What date are you going to publish it?
  • Author – Who makes it?
  • Purpose – What purpose does it serve?
  • Target Audience – Who are you making it for?
  • Keyword(s) – Which keywords are important for findability in Google?

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

De Vries XL

De Vries XL
Webapplication Webshop
De Vries XL

FC Groningen

FC Groningen
FC Groningen

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