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What is a destination page?

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Destination page is the page of a website on which the visitor enters. It is the first page the visitor sees.

What is a destination page?

A destination page is the first page the visitor to your website sees, because it is on this page that the visitor enters your website. Usually the main page of a website is also the destination page, but this is not necessarily the case. For example, when you place an ad for a particular product on your web shop, the destination page may be the page for that particular product.

The purpose of this page is to entice a visitor to make a conversion. So it is important to have a good call to action. Google Analytics allows you to view the page report. This shows the ten most important pages of your website. It is important that you look closely at the average search time and the bounce rate. In this way, you can find out on which pages visitors quickly drop out or actually perform a conversion.

A destination page is often confused with a landing page. But what is the difference between the two?

Difference between landing page and destination page

A landing page is used to get visitors to perform a certain action. After all, with a landing page you want to rank high in search engines to attract visitors. An example could be that a visitor is going to fill out a form.

The big difference between the two pages is that the landing page is described from the intention of the website owner, while the destination page is described from the behavior of the visitor. Thus, the landing page should cause you to bring in visitors and a destination page should cause a visitor to make a certain conversion.

Destination URL

There is also a destination URL. This URL allows you to specify in Google Ads where you want to send the visitor after they click on the ad. By clicking on the destination URL, the visitor immediately lands on the destination page. To ensure a high quality ad score, it is important that the usability and relevance of the page are good.

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