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What are the Featured snippets?

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When a user asks a question in the Google search bar, the search engine tries to give the most appropriate and best answer. A featured snippet is the most relevant answer to a question asked in Google. The answer comes from an underlying web page. The content on this web page is so relevant that it can provide an appropriate answer to the question asked. The ‘snippet’ in this story is therefore a small piece of text or a short summary of the content on a web page. A featured snippet can encourage the user to click on the underlying page, and is therefore a form of search engine optimization.

How do featured snippets work?

When a user searches for a keyword, different results can appear on Google’s results page (SERP). For example, one can see advertisements, a Google Maps map, organic search results and featured snippets. They give the most appropriate answer to the user’s question and are shown first, at the very top of the results page. Other answers to related questions in the search can be found in the rich snippets. The featured snippets are therefore featured at the top of the results page, and the rich snippets appear among the organic search results. Featured snippets and rich snippets are formed by means of structured data.

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Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten
Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

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