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What is Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a tool from Google. With this free tool, you can gain insight into your visitors based on extensive statistics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you a comprehensive insight into the visitors of your website. This gives you insight into the amount of visitors, the behavior and how they ended up on your website based on the statistics. To use this tool for free, you must have a Google account. To ensure that your data is kept in the statistics, it is important that you place an Analytics tracking code in the source code of your website. By means of this code, the activities of your visitors can be tracked. You can also easily set up Google Analytics by means of a plugin in WordPress.

In addition to gaining insight into the visitors of your website, you can do a lot more with Google Analytics. For example, you can set goals for conversions, but you can also set up your webshop with the e-commerce component. In addition, you can also link your Analytics account with Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console to have even more information.

The information that is collected is arranged in four levels, namely:

  • User level: a user’s actions;
  • Page level: each unique visit;
  • Session level: individual page visited;
  • Event level: clicks on call to action’s.

What information do you get with Google Analytics?

With Analytics you can get a lot of different information. To cluster this information, it is divided into a number of groups, namely: audience, acquisition, real-time, behavior, and e-commerce and conversions. With this information you get a good insight into the visitors of your website. We will briefly explain each group below.

Target Audience: Google can measure a visitor’s demographics before they even visit your website. You can think of gender or age, but also which language they speak, where they come from and from which device.

Acquisition: With this information you can find out how visitors found your website. Is it through the organic way or through an advertisement on Facebook, for example.

Realtime: Below you will find the data of people who are currently visiting your website.

Behaviour: Google gives you information about how a visitor uses your website. For example, think of the number of pages visited or how long they have been on a page.

E-commerce and conversion: A conversion means that someone has achieved a goal on your website, such as placing an order. If you have a webshop, it is wise to use e-commerce tracking.


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1000 Banen Plan
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1000 Banen Plan

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UMCG – Centrum voor Tandheelkunde
UMCG – Centrum voor Tandheelkunde

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