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What is Google Shopping?

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Google Shopping is a tool to advertise products through Google. It is part of search engine advertising, or SEA.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is part of SEA marketing and is used to advertise products. The products are shown by means of a product feed, consisting of both a photo and a description. Google then determines whether your products are displayed. This depends on your product feed, bids and website.

How does Google Shopping work?

Advertising products works on the basis of Google Ads and Merchant Center. By passing the information from your Google Shopping feed to Google Merchant Center and then linking it to your Google Ads account, you can set up campaigns for your product(s). The moment someone types in a product in Google, for example white sneakers, an overview is given at the top of the search results of the various products with associated providers. This overview makes it easy to compare prices. You can then click on one of the products to continue to the relevant website.

You can install a shopping feed on most platforms with a plugin or extension. Think of Woocommerce for webshops that are made in WordPress. This has many feeds that you can use for Woocommerce Google Shopping. But Magento and Shopify also have an extension or plugin to create a product feed.

Achieving success with Google Shopping

You can achieve success with Shopping by looking at the three aspects. First of all, you can optimize your shopping by adding photos, prices and product data. Second, when bidding, keep your product price, profit margin, and conversion rate in mind. Finally, you should regularly make sure that you optimize your feed and bids.

What are the advantages?

Using shopping ads offers many advantages. We will mention a few:

  • The ad consists of an image and that says much more than just text, as in a text ad;
  • The cost per click is lower than with search ads;
  • You achieve a higher return on investment;
  • You can easily optimize the ads based on data;
  • It ensures more quality traffic.

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

EVERWIN Netherlands

EVERWIN Netherlands
EVERWIN Netherlands

Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten
Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

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