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What is a heading tag?

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Heading tag can be seen as an overview of how your content is classified. These are HTML tags that indicate what content/paragraphs are about.

What is a heading tag?

Think of heading tags as an overview of how the content on your webpage is organized. These are HTML tags that indicate what pieces of content/paragraphs are about. We often see at Convident that heading tags are used incorrectly or to a large extent. They are important for the readability of your content. You have probably read an article with a wall of text, without any subheadings. As a reader, it is almost impossible to read and understand these types of texts, so people often drop out early. In addition, Google crawlers scan your tags to see what the content is about. So it’s important to get this right.

What is an H1 heading tag?

You use the H1 tag for the title of your web pages. It is therefore not possible to use an H1 heading tag multiple times. The H1 should immediately make it clear to your website visitors what the web page is about. In addition, you want search engines to find your content by placing relevant search terms in the H1 heading tag. Search engines, such as Google, scan your H1 heading tag to see what the page is about. Please note that the H1 is relevant to the content described further on the page.

What is an H2 tag?

You use the H2 tags for the subheadings of your paragraphs in your content. H2 heading tags can be used multiple times on one web page. They give the reader an overview and an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of content in the relevant paragraph. Search engines also use the H2 heading tags, so make sure they are relevant and include any popular search terms.

What is an H3 tag?

Sometimes a certain paragraph lends itself to further explanation. H3 heading tags can then come in handy for the legibility of the paragraph. These will further subdivide the paragraph into subheadings.

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