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What is a hyperlink?

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A hyperlink is a computer and internet term from online marketing.

What is a hyperlink?

With this link you create a link that automatically redirects the user to another place. This place can be another document or internet page of a website or webshop. It can take the form of a word, phrase, image, or banner. But what is a hyperlink and what is the difference between a backlink and a hyperlink?

Why is it important?

Hyperlinks can be seen as the ‘glue’ of the internet. By means of hyperlinks you connect all web pages on the internet. For example, hyperlinks ensure that pages on one website are linked to each other via internal links. In addition, hyperlinks also ensure that different websites are connected to each other by means of external links. This makes the worldwide information easily available to the internet user. Moreover, search engines like Google also use hyperlinks to read all web pages and links. The more internal and external hyperlinks pointing to your website/webshop, the higher you rank in the organic search results. Hyperlinks therefore contribute to link building.

What does it look like?

A hyperlink uses an anchor text or anchor text followed by an underlying URL. The anchor text is then a relevant word or phrase that is linked to a URL. So you can say that a hyperlink can be recognized by its different color compared to the text and possible underlining of the word.

Difference between backlink and hyperlink

Finally, we explain the difference between a hyperlink and a backlink. Hyperlinks are all links that refer to a particular web page. This therefore includes internal and external links that refer to the relevant web page. Backlinks are understood to mean only the external links that point to the relevant web page.

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Eems Dollard Regio (EDR)

Eems Dollard Regio (EDR)
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Eems Dollard Regio (EDR)

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