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What is international SEO?

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International SEO means being easily found in countries outside the Netherlands. You rank high in the search results of search engines in other countries.

What is International SEO?

International SEO can help you make your website easier to find abroad. It is important when you are active abroad with your company because you sell products through your webshop in countries such as Germany and Spain. It is important that you are easily found in the countries in which you sell your products and/or services.

It requires a planned approach towards national SEO. It is therefore important to deploy a good international SEO strategy. There are a number of points that you should pay attention to, namely:

  • Content that is grammatically presented in the correct language;
  • Adding relevant international backlinks;
  • Responding to the search behavior of the country;
  • A good loading time of your website.

In addition to the above points, having a good site structure is also very important. For example, you have to use subdomains or country-specific domains, because you can’t manage with a regular URL

Three pillars for international SEO

Three main pillars apply to international SEO, namely: content, technology and authority. However, you have to take a number of things into account here. We will therefore explain all three pillars.

  • Content: Before you start with SEO, you should first do a keyword research. For this, you have to do an international keyword research. During such a keyword research you find out that certain words are very different in another country. You cannot manage with only a translation on Google Translate;
  • Technique: Technique is one of the most important points at international. You must have an international and SEO friendly URL structure, for example by using subdomains;
  • Authority: A link profile mainly works locally, which makes it important to have an international backlink profile. For example, if you want to rank high in the search engines in Spain, it is important to have Spanish (local) links.

Projects / Cases

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Energie Neutraal Noord Nederland

Energie Neutraal Noord Nederland
Energie Neutraal Noord Nederland

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