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What is a landing page?

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A landing page is a web page that an Internet user lands on through the search results of a search engine.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is intended to provide information to the visitor. It can also lead the visitor to a conversion. Internet users can arrive at a landing page through a variety of ways. First, think of a search in Google or clicking on an advertisement. In addition, you can also arrive via links on other domains or by typing the URL in the search bar.

How does a landing page differ from a home page? The major difference between the two pages is the purpose the page has. Landing pages have an informational or transactional purpose. And the home page has more of a general purpose.

Types of landing pages

There are two types of landing pages, namely: informational and transactional pages.

1. Informational page: These pages offer informative texts. The purpose of these texts is to best answer users’ questions/search queries. Consequently, visitors often find these pages through a search engine.

2. Transactional page: These pages have a conversion goal. Through call-to-action statements, these landing pages aim to prompt you to take a certain action. For example, consider selling a product or service. Another example is getting people to sign up for a newsletter.

What are the benefits of a landings page?

Having a good landing page has a number of benefits, namely:

  • The conversion rate goes up
  • You get more relevant visitors
  • It is tailored to the needs of the visitor
  • It is easy to find and focused on a specific product/service
  • The bounce percentage will decrease


How to make your page successful and thus convert visitors into customers? We give you some tips.

  • Provide a catchy title
  • Keep the design simple
  • Make performing actions easy
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Make sure it’s easy to see on a tablet or smartphone

Projects/ Cases

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Stichting Semmy

Stichting Semmy
Stichting Semmy

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