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What is LCP?

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LCP is a statistic from Google that allows you to estimate the user experience of a website. LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint.

What is LCP?

LCP is short for Largest Contenful Paint and is a statistic from Google. This statistic determines how long it takes before the largest element on your website is loaded and shown to the visitor. This element can contain an image or video, but also a block of text. This concerns an element that is visible in the top part of the website, so the part that you see without having to scroll down. The loading speed of your website affects the findability of search results. So it is important to view the Largest Contentful Paint of your website. Our SEO marketers always include this in the SEO marketing process.

The LCP score

In Google Pagespeed you can view the LCP score of your website. According to Google, the ideal score is a maximum of 2.5 seconds, in other words: the largest element on your website must load within 2.5 seconds. When that is the case, we can speak of a Largest Contentful Paint. If your website has a score between 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds, it needs improvement. If the score exceeds 4 seconds, it is important to immediately start optimizing the LCP.

Optimizing LCP

Optimizing the Largest Contenful Paint is important for ranking in search results in search engines. You can optimize it by making the following adjustments:

  • Speed ​​up the loading time of images and/or videos;
  • Minimize the number of render-blocking resources;
  • Speed up server response time

Projects / Cases

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Jop van der Laan

Jop van der Laan
Jop van der Laan

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