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What are leads?

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Leads are contact information of a person who is interested in a particular product or service. This person is then a potential customer.

What are leads?

A lead is having information about a potential customer. We can distinguish between sales, investor and marketing leads. With sales leads, they are determined based on demographic parameters, such as a person’s age or gender. Based on this information, a person can be approached to make a purchase. Investor leads fall under the sales leads that concern the possible execution of an investment. The marketing leads are linked to a specific brand that places a specific offer.

You can generate leads by approaching contacts via the internet. You do this by offering certain products or services. You can use different objectives to generate them. You can think of a list of potential customers or a list of emails. Lead generation is often done on social media. In addition, search engine advertising, or SEA marketing, is also used.

By means of content marketing you can ensure that your potential customer makes a purchase. For example, because you provide good information about what the visitor is looking for, he or she will provide his or her e-mail address in return.

When is it a lead?

To clarify when there is a lead, we will give a number of examples.

  • Yes: someone who sends a message via Facebook for certain information
  • Yes: someone who visits our website and asks for information via the contact form
  • No: someone who visits our website and reads a news item
  • No: someone who does not contact us, even though this person falls within the target group

Different types of leads

We can distinguish between different types, namely:

  • Cold: someone you haven’t had any contact with yet
  • Warm: someone who is still interested after the first meeting
  • MQL: someone who has done more than leaving contact details
  • SQL: someone you don’t know where his or her interests lie

Projects / Cases

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Weldon Corlido Material Handling
Weldon Corlido Material Handling

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KBC Keukens

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