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What is a local SEO?

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Local SEO is improving the online visibility of your company. This way you can reach more visitors and customers.

What is a local SEO?

Local SEO ensures that you can reach more visitors because you are easier to find online. To ensure that your company is more visible on Google, you can use local SEO optimization. The techniques you use are more specific than regular search engine optimization. Special tools and services have been designed for this.

With a local search, providers near your location are searched. Normally a local search will contain a specific place, but this is not always necessary. For example, when you enter a search query into Google Maps, it will search for local search results.

It is especially interesting in the following cases:

  • You have a specific local strategy;
  • Regional marketing is important within your company;
  • You have large or dozens of small branches;
  • You target search terms with geographical results;

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO revolves around three core values, namely:

  • Involvement: the extent to which your target group is involved in your company;
  • Relevance: the extent to which your services/products match the search query;
  • Prominence: the consumer opinion about your services/products;


Google My Business

Google My Business can increase your customer engagement. On Google My Business you give your company its own profile with important company information. This includes contact details, directions and reviews. If you want to take full advantage of local SEO, it is important that your profile on Google My Business is complete and up to date.

A complete and up-to-date profile on Google My Business provides you with a number of advantages. For example, it increases the chance that your company is listed within the first three results of the search engine. In addition, this mention contributes to the trust of the customer.

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

Joexe ticketservice

Joexe ticketservice
Joexe ticketservice

The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together

The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together
The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together

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