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What is a product feed?

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Product feed is an overview of products that you offer with the associated characteristics. You can use this in a webshop or advertisement.

What is a product feed?

It is an overview containing all information about products. This information generally includes the product name, image and description. With such an overview you can easily transfer the data of your products to Google so that you can then use Google Shopping. Google Shopping is an SEA marketing technique that allows you to advertise your products so that they are at the top of the organic search results in Google.

Creating this kind of feed can be done in different ways. First of all, you can choose to do it manually using a spreadsheet. Second, there is often the option to generate and import a feed when using a store system, through a content API. And finally, you can use a tool/app to create an automated feed.

Why use an automated product feed?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a it. Firstly, it is a handy way if you sell a lot of products. With ten products you can adjust the products yourself, but the more products, the more work it is. You will then need a feed that is autpomated which makes processing all product data easier.

Second, an automated feed is useful when you have a lot of changes in your product catalog. The product data on your webshop is not static, because in addition to the fact that your prices change every now and then, your products also sell out and new products appear.

Finally, you can make good use of an automated one, when you sell your products on multiple channels. You can then easily export the data to another channel, instead of having to re-enter it.

What types of feeds are there?

We can distinguish three types: primary, additional and feed with regional product stock. We will briefly explain each type.

Primary feed

It is the centrally stored set of data in Google Merchant Center. It is used to retrieve and display your product data. Allows you to add or remove product data, set feed rules, and set language and country targeting. According to Google, it is recommended to put all products in one primary feed.

Additional product feed

A supplemental feed supplements the product data in the primary feed (by linking it). You can do this with the ID [id] attribute.

Regional product inventory feed

You can use it to provide your product data in the primary feed with regional pricing or availability in predefined regions. With this feed you are going to overwrite the existing product data, as you cannot add or remove products with it. It also requires ID [id] and Region ID [region_id].

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