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The number of people who received a message is called reach. This differs from the number of clicks, impressions or visitors, because the number of people reached is less dependent on external factors, such as when a message was posted and who it is aimed at. Reach can be more difficult to determine due to the human aspect, which is an important factor to consider when determining the success of a social media marketing strategy .

Definition reach

Reach is not the same as the well-known measuring points clicks, impressions and visitors. The number of clicks and impressions only shows raw figures, it is not certain whether the message has been received. With visitors it is already more in the right direction, but there too there are factors such as bounce rate that make the hard figures less reliable. By also including the reach in the analysis, you can better determine whether visitors are not only presented with the message, but actually see it.

Range and frequency

In addition to reaching the right person, there is another factor that is often used in conjunction with reach; frequency. This refers to the number of times the message is shown to a person. The sum of Reach (reach) and Frequency (frequency) gives an idea of ​​how well a campaign is performing.

Pay for impressions or clicks?

Paying for a large number of impressions on a banner ad says nothing about reach. It is not visible how many people have deliberately clicked on the ad. When the clicks are measured, this becomes a bit more transparent, but even then they are still numbers without a link to a person. The reach shows that the message has actually reached a person, from that point it can be determined what the conversion is. When you know the conversion rate, you can apply conversion optimization from that point .

Internet marketing is often referred to as a “ funnel ”, a funnel through which the visitor is led to ultimately reach a goal. Reach plays an important factor in the funnel, which can be used to refine the marketing strategy.

Projects / Cases

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Stichting UAF

Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind – Samen naar school

Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind – Samen naar school
Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind – Samen naar school

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