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What is an RLSA-campaign?

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RLSA campaign is an ad that focuses on returning visitors. RLSA stands for Remarketing List for Search Ads.

What is an RLSA campaign?

An RLSA campaign focuses on returning visitors. Advertisements are therefore drawn up in which text is written that is specific to these visitors. To clarify a Remarketing List for Search Ads, we will give an example.

Suppose you are looking for white sneakers online. Then search your Google for white sneakers and click on one of the results as shown. At some point you have seen white sneakers that you put in the shopping cart. Because you are still a bit in doubt, wait with ordering and leave the website. At a later time, you will start looking for white sneakers again and you will see an advertisement for the white sneakers that you had already put in your shopping cart. This will trigger you to order it anyway. You then click on the ad to proceed with the purchase.

The difference with a ‘normal’ advertisement is that you are now really targeting visitors who have already visited your website. In a ‘regular’ ad it is more random and less targeted. This is also the reason that the success rate of an RLSA campaign is higher.

You can use Remarketing List for Search Ads in two ways. The first way is to make adjustments to the ad group bids on remarketing lists that search for the search terms you bid. The second way is that ad groups are only activated when a user appears on the remarketing list.

When is an RLSA campaign interesting?

Using RLSA offers many possibilities. This way you can re-approach visitors who have abandoned the shopping cart, as well as your existing customers. You can also personalize ads and use broad match keywords. An RLSA campaign will ultimately lead to a higher conversion, lower advertising costs, more sales and a higher ROI (Return On Investment).

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