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What is SEO advice?

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SEO advice is the advice you can seek from an SEO specialist for optimizing your website.

What is SEO advice?

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. This involves looking at a website’s technology, content and authority. By continuing to optimize these three components, we can ensure high rankings in organic search results. To achieve this, three steps are followed. The first step is always the technical optimization that focuses on usability. The next step is the optimization of the content. For this we use the most important keywords. The final step is to increase authority through link building. SEO optimization is a long-term tool to drive more traffic to your website. Here we also take into account the target audience(s) relevant to you.

Search engine optimization advice from Convident

Do you want to improve your online findability and get more traffic to your website? Our SEO specialists are happy to start optimizing for you. Prior to the advice, an SEO check will always be performed. During this check, we will look at the current results. What things are already going well and where is there still room for improvement? Based on these results, our marketers will include their findings in a free report. Based on this report we will present a plan with our recommendations and we will gladly get to work for you!

Would you like a free SEO check? Our marketeers are ready for you.

Projects / Cases

We recently had the opportunity to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients


Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten
Pean Zeilschool en Pean Buiten

Digi-Taalhuis Plus

Digi-Taalhuis Plus
Digi-Taalhuis Plus

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