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What are SEO pillers?

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SEO pillars are three pillars on which the website is assessed. These pillars are content, technology and authority.

What are SEO pillars?

SEO pillars are the three pillars within SEO marketing on which a website is judged. This assessment takes place to determine where you end up in the search results. To ensure that you are easily found in the search engines, optimizing your website is of great importance. Optimization is also known as SEO or search engine optimization. You optimize your website on the basis of the three pillars.

SEO Pillar – Content

To optimize your content, you should always ask yourself whether your visitors are getting the information they are looking for. You have to take into account the fact that the content is valuable for the reader and important for Google. You should therefore take this into account when writing the texts. How can you optimize your content? We give you some tips.

  • Do a keyword research in advance so that you know which keywords potential visitors can find you on.
  • Make sure to include relevant keywords in your title, headlines, meta tag, URL, and text.
  • Make use of images and videos.
  • Place internal links so that the visitor can easily find information.

SEO Pillar – Technique

The technique is the back of the website, such as the plug-ins, the loading speed and the coding. Your website cannot function without good technology. How can you optimize the technology? We give you some tips.

  • Make sure you remove unworkable links and you don’t use duplicate content.
  • Improve loading speed by using non-oversized images and videos.
  • Only use the plug-ins that you actually use.

SEO Pillar – Authority

The authority relates to the value of your website. The value of your website is often measured by your Domain Authority (DA). Every website starts with a score of 1 that can go up to a maximum score of 100. The value of your website grows over time, but depends on, among other things, the quality and age. How can you optimize authority? We give you some tips.

  • Ensure quality instead of quantity, for example by posting blogs.
  • Try to ensure that there are external links pointing to your website.
  • Only use links that have value for your visitors.


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Restaurant de Betere Tijden
Restaurant de Betere Tijden

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1000 Banen Plan
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1000 Banen Plan

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