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What is the SERP?

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SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. The SERP shows the different search results on a query within search engines, such as Google

What is SERP?

The results page or SERP shows the various search results on a query within search engines, such as Google. Websites and webshops try to score as high as possible on the SERP with their different web pages. By means of search engine optimization, the content is fully focused on your target group(s) and their search behavior. But how exactly does this work?

Today, many internet users use Google to access the internet. Where in the past URLs and specific keywords were entered, searches now consist of extensive questions and sometimes even entire sentences. As a website or webshop you try to find out which search terms your target group(s) are searching for. You can then optimize the content on your different web pages based on the search terms found. As an entrepreneur, you then hope that your pages will be shown in the results page. In addition to your content, the user’s search history, device type and geographic location affect the results appearing on the Search Engine Result Page.

SERP parts

The search page always has a certain structure with paid results and organic results as parts. The paid results are always above the organic results. By means of advertisements via Google Ads you can ensure that your website/webshop will rank higher in SERP. In other words, you apply SEA marketing. You can influence the organic results by applying SEO, because they are shown based on search engine algorithms.

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

KBC Kitchens

KBC Kitchens
KBC Kitchens

Planet 3P0

Planet 3P0
Planet 3P0

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