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What is a sitemap?

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A sitemap is a page or document that indicates the structure of your website and contains all internal links to pages of your website.

What is a sitemap?

It is a page or document that indicates the structure of your website. It contains all internal links to all pages on the website. This is very relevant for SEO marketing in order to increase the findability of the website. To ensure that the sitemap is organized and has a clear navigation structure, the pages are sorted by topic or relevance. In this way it ensures that the web designer acts as the basis for a logical structure of the website. Sometimes the sitemaps are shown to visitors to help them navigate through all the pages. Usually only search engines use them to index the different pages. So if your sitemap is not properly constructed, search engines cannot index it and Google will not show certain pages in the search engines.

It is not necessary to have a sitemap if your website is well structured. However, in some cases it can be useful to be found better in the search results. For example, it is useful to use this when your website is very large. A large website makes it difficult for search engines to find new or recently updated pages. In addition, it is useful when your website is new and you do not yet have many external links that lead to your website.

What are XML Sitemaps?

Different values ​​are then given to these pages in an XML sitemap. By using XML sitemaps, Google can index the entire structure of your website. This is because web crawlers can now also access underlying pages and give them a value.

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Top athlete Job van der Laan

Top athlete Job van der Laan
Top athlete Job van der Laan

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1000 Banen Plan
Webapplication Website
1000 Banen Plan

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