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What is a Thank you page?

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Thank you page is a page on a website that follows the completion of a desired action. For example, paying for a purchase.

What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is a page in which visitors are automatically thanked for performing a desired action. The examples are completing a purchase by paying for it. After payment, a page will follow on which the consumer is thanked for his/her purchase. Someone can also be thanked after completing a survey or subscribing to a newsletter. The way in which this page is implemented depends entirely on the previous action that has been taken.

You can also use such a page as a measurement tool. Google Analytics does not measure the number of forms submitted by which a visitor can contact you by default. This kind of page can help with this, as it creates a new URL. You can then use these when setting new goals.

Features of a “Thank you” page

A thank you page has several functions:

  • Additional products/services are offered;
  • It gives a personal element;
  • You can indicate that all necessary steps have been completed;
  • It is a way to bring out the personality of a company;
  • You can increase visibility with for example sharing options.

Optimize page

You can optimize the thank you page with the following tips:

  • Offer discount coupons for a next purchase;
  • Offer the possibility to create an account;
  • Let us know that an email has been sent with the confirmation;
  • Use good call to action buttons;
  • Related products/ promote services;
  • Make the page personal by mentioning the name of the consumer ;
  • Indicate what can be expected now;
  • Ask for feedback.

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FC Groningen

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