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What is an URL?

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A URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and gives the search engine all the information it needs to find the data behind a web address.

What is a URL?

A URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Most users know a URL as the address (www. of a website that can be typed into the search bar. Another form of a Uniform Resource Locator is, for example, your e-mail address. This gives the search engine all the necessary information to find the relevant data behind a web address. Not only does every website have its own Uniform Resource Locator, but so does every page on the website. In addition, there is also a URL for every image or video on the Internet.

How does a URL work?

You can register a Uniform Resource Locator or domain name with domain registrants. In the Netherlands most use is made of a URL that ends with the domain extension .nl or .com. In this way, Uniform Resource Locators become recognizable and we can link them to other international domain extensions. When adjusting or creating new URLs, you should keep a few things in mind. For example, consider a 301 redirect to prevent a 404 page.

A Uniform Resource Locator is divided into a number of elements. Suppose we have the following URL:

The first part consists of https:// by default. We call this section the protocol of the website, where the ‘S’ stands for Secure. There are also websites that start with http://. After the protocol of the website comes the domain name, or your unique address. In this case it is After this comes the page of the website, like here /glossary/. Then you are on the glossary page. When you then look at a certain concept, we call it a subpage. This is the last part of the URL. In this case, it’s /anchorlinks/.

Projects / Cases

We have recently been able to develop these projects in collaboration with our clients.

The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together

The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together
The Disabled Foundation – Going to School Together



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