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What is voice search?

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Voice search is recording a search query on the internet. You can use your voice to perform a search in search engines.

What is a Voice search?

Voice search is performing a search query in search engines using your voice, in other words: conducting a search by voice. It is one of the SEO trends at the moment and will be used more and more. For example, it is even expected that 50% of all searches will be voice-driven.

How does it work? You press a button that starts the recording or by saying a specific command, for example: “Hey Google”. After the search function has been activated, you can have your search performed by voice. The software then converts this search into a plaintext and performs the search. The answer can then be read aloud or displayed in text form.

Voice search is part of voice assistants. These are software products that can process and answer spoken questions and commands. The most commonly used voice assistants are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Sire and Microsoft Cortana.

Voice search and SEO

Because this kind of search will become the biggest SEO driver in the future, this will bring greater changes in the field of SEO optimization. After all, these searches cannot be compared to written searches. It is therefore important to include it in your SEO strategy. To use it properly, it is important that you understand how spoken commands differ from typed searches. Voice messages are often questions, aimed at local businesses and are mainly in colloquial language.

Your website cannot simply be linked to relevant voice command, because up to now you have processed keywords in the text that do not respond to this. Do you want to prepare your website for this kind of search? We have some tips for you.

  • Use natural and smooth text as voice searches are much smoother than typed searches;
  • Use questions as a large proportion of searches are in question form;
  • Focus on long-tail keywords as voice searches are mostly longer;
  • Pay attention to your local SEO, because many searches are related to a place. So make sure you can be found locally via Google My Business;
  • Keep the user in mind, because then it is best to make adjustments;
  • Use a page that answers the most frequently asked questions;
  • Ensure a good loading speed, because a faster website ensures a higher ranking.

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ZINN Zorg – De Stichting Vrienden van ZINN ouderenzorg
ZINN Zorg – De Stichting Vrienden van ZINN ouderenzorg

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