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Whitepaper is a document containing information about a specific topic. Therefore the target audience reading this is also taken into account.

What is a Whitepaper?

A whitepaper is information about a specific topic that is included in a document. In this way, the readers can better understand a difficult topic or come to a possible solution. In addition to factual information on the subject, it may also contain opinions. In this way the reader is invited to form their own opinion on the subject. By including opinions you can see it as a form of content marketing. You want to use this to inform, activate and persuade interested parties to purchase products or services. You can also use it to present a project or to inform potential customers. This is mainly done on the business market in order to increase the reliability of the image.

The parts of a white paper

This paper consists of a number of fixed parts. These parts are included in the following:

  • Summary of the document
  • Index
  • Introduction
  • Issue
  • Solution of the problem


Benefits of a white paper

When you write high-quality white papers, it can have several benefits for both your company and yourself. These benefits are as follows:

  • Thought leadership: you can show that you understand the subject
  • Generate more leads: attract potential customers
  • Lead qualification: filter your customer profile

Offering a white paper is all about knowledge and insight. Writing a this kind of paper is therefore quite a challenge. By conducting source research and interviews, the writer must obtain as much information and knowledge as possible in order to write and publish a strong paper.

Stichting Herstel Erfgoed De Marne

Stichting Herstel Erfgoed De Marne
Stichting Herstel Erfgoed De Marne

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